These days, online businesses have a range of payment providers and facilitators to choose from. The key is to research and locate the right company to meet their specific needs. As the world moves away from cash and towards digital payments, online businesses require services, facilities, and technology that can support their endeavors and business interests.

When it comes to serving the needs of eCommerce companies doing business online, Zotapay (Zota) differs from other payment facilitators in a number of ways, benefitting different companies from around the world across a variety of industries. In the shift away from credit cards, Zotapay (Zota) offers an array of local and international alternative payment options to solve cross-border remittance issues. While traditional banking systems are heavy and cumbersome, companies such as Zotapay (Zota) are more flexible and fluid, and are capable of meeting individual needs.

Access alternative payment methods

With cashless payments becoming increasingly popular around the world, Zotapay (Zota) offers a wide range of digital payment solutions with years of experience in the industry. One of Zotapay’s (Zota’s) biggest assets is its vast network of eWallets. Many payment facilitators are not equipped to handle local online payments in challenging regions such as China, SEA, LATAM, Africa, and CIS. However, Zotapay (Zota) is perfectly positioned to offer merchants both global and local solutions in these areas. We also facilitate payments in emerging markets and across some of the most remote regions of the world due to our understanding and expertise in more challenging markets.  

With our effective business model and world-class technical expertise, Zotapay (Zota) offers maximum flexibility to online companies. Due to our extensive network of acquirers and payment institutions, as well as our presence in multiple jurisdictions, Zotapay (Zota) is able to support a wide range of businesses. 

While traditional banking in Europe, for example, offers credit card clearing solutions, their facilities for alternative payment methods like eWallets are usually very limited and sometimes non-existent. As a result of integrating and contracting with many acquirers around the world, both T1 and medium-sized banks, Zotapay (Zota) can support more clients and locate the ideal processing platform for our online partners. As it stands, companies like PayPal, Skrill, and Venmo – leading eWallet companies – offer only limited coverage in certain regions around the world. Zotapay’s (Zota’s) cashier offers a substantial range of alternative payment methods, as well as a remarkably flexible pricing model that allows us to facilitate the broad range of needs required in today’s highly competitive market. As the world moves away from cash-based transactions and traditional banking, in favor of more streamlined and less cumbersome business models, a new era is upon us. Before long, alternative payment methods like eWallets will increase in popularity and become more common globally.

Why businesses choose Zotapay (Zota) for their online payment needs:

  • We offer local payment solutions across 1000 acquirer banks, eWallets, and payment institutions;
  • Our ‘One Application, One Integration’ methodology is designed to meet your payment needs via easy-to-use API and plugins;
  • We provide the ultimate payment solution coverage under one gateway hub;
  • We can facilitate weekly settlements in multiple currencies;
  • Our onboarding process is fast and simple;
  • Benefit from risk-free online bank and wire services visible within seconds;
  • Plug ‘N’ Pay – no integrations needed for WordPress, Shopify, and other eCommerce platforms;
  • Our pricing structures are tailor-made to suit your specific business needs;
  • There are no hidden setup fees or additional costs.

If you have questions about how to transform your online business and take it to the next level, our dedicated customer support is at your service. Simply message us HERE.