Zota’s Partnership Program

Become a partner and earn revenue by promoting our payment gateway service to your network!

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We are Zota

Integrated with top acquiring banks and payment institutions worldwide, our payment gateway technology, the MetaGate, allows online businesses to accept payments from anyone, anywhere, without the hassle of multiple integrations. 

Partner with us

Partner with us

Expand your business with Zota’s payment gateway service, and earn more money by promoting our platform, enabling businesses to accept payments from anyone, anywhere. Start earning with us by sharing your exclusive registration link through your website, landing pages, banners, social media, emails, and articles.

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Valuable commission

Affiliate partners can earn revenue for each customer who registers via their link

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Double your benefits

Private Label partners can benefit from revenue shares of up to 50%

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Tracker system

Easily track your commissions with our affiliate tracker system

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Our experts are waiting

Our team is on hand to assist you each step of the way


By becoming a Reseller, we can onboard clients introduced by you, and ensure that you benefit from a 10% revenue share model, based on the fees you generate. This enables you to offer the full value chain to your network, without the need for a financial license. Zota will be responsible for direct settlements with your clients, and will sign a direct contract with them. This model is only offered for partners that are not financially regulated, and do not possess their own payment gateway technology.


Get in touch via the contact form


Zota will send you the application form to complete, where you can attach the required documents


After approval, the contract is signed between Zota and the Reseller


Receive a 10% commission from the total fees you generate, and access your own MetaGate portal to view client turnovers, and track your revenue in real-time

Affiliate partners

Zota offers an innovative Affiliate Program for partners and individuals. As our Affiliate partner, you can earn profits at the pre-approval stage and be rewarded before the clients introduced by you have even gone live. Your rewards will be based on CPL and CPA for each business you refer, according to the stage they are at (before going live).

Through the Zota Academy, Affiliates can also educate clients and business owners about global payments, and how to accept funds from anywhere around the world.

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Sign up

Sign up via the contact form, found on the “Become an affiliate” page


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After approval

Access our marketing materials via your Affiliate account and advertise on your platforms


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Refer clients to us

Start receiving payouts

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After sending us a qualified lead, you can receive up to $50

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When the lead is approved (after the application form has been sent by the Sales Team), you can receive up to $500 

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Once the lead goes live and becomes our client, you can receive up to $2500


Private Label*

Zota’s turnkey solutions allow partners to provide payment processing services under their own name and brand, while integrating directly with our payment gateway technology, the MetaGate. Private Label gateway solutions help payment institutions improve their global payment coverage, and offer strong conversions, high approval ratios, increased revenues, and a superior product to their existing clients’ portfolios. Master Merchant accounts are opened for certain partners; Zota settles funds with the Master Merchant, and partners then distribute funds to their clients accordingly. 

*Partners must have the correct licenses in place in order to facilitate this model.


Sign up for the Zota Partnership Program and receive your exclusive registration link


Promote Zota products on your cashier page or via your gateway technology


Earn money for every new customer you refer

If you have any questions about the Zota Partnership Program, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Are you a social media influencer who creates content related to FinTech, finance, Crypto, digital payments, or any type of related topic? Get in touch! By promoting Zota to your audience, you can earn a commission for each new client that you refer to us.

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Media partners

We work with a variety of partners who can promote Zota both online and offline. From sharing our branding on billboards, website banners, articles or any marketing materials, to talking about us on podcasts, TV shows, interviews and more, you can earn money whenever someone from your audience registers with Zota.