Zota history and culture


Beginning of Zota

  • Started building our infrastructure
  • Incorporated alternative payment methods and integrations

Acquired 500+ new clients

  • Began to develop a solid team
  • Engaged with new partners

Named “Best Payment Service Provider” at the Finance Magnates London Summit (an award that we have received multiple times since)

  • 500+ partners, banks & payment solutions
  • Opened a Development Center in Bulgaria & offices in Hong Kong
  • The MetaGate was launched
  • Obtained MSO license
  • 1,000+ payment methods
  • Active in 150 countries
  • Over 1.25B turnover
  • 8 regional offices
  • Obtained SRO approval
    and AEMI (FCA) license

Zota Values

Nothing is


We believe that with passion and courage, we can achieve anything. We are committed to perseverance, pushing boundaries, pursuing bold ideas, and never giving up in the face of obstacles.

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Keep it


and accurate

We believe in cutting through complexity and communicating with precision. We value simplicity and accuracy, leveraging smart tools and automation to enhance our work efficiency.

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We continually strive for excellence and foster a culture of learning and innovation, encouraging every team member to challenge themselves and refine their skills to reach their full potential.

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When the company wins, we all win. We prioritize the well-being and development of our team members. We succeed thanks to our united effort, collaboration, and mutual support. When the company succeeds, everyone on the team is aknowledged and rewarded for their contributions.

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We embrace our differences and celebrate inclusivity. Еach team member is encouraged to bring their unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas to foster innovation and creativity within the team. We believe that by nurturing an empathetic and compassionate work environment, we promote our people’s growth and the company’s success.

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