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marketplace for payments

Zota’s primary mission is to find smart, innovative ways to bridge the gap for online companies. We work with businesses operating in the developed world, and those who want to expand their operations and customer base to include emerging market economies worldwide.

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Our algorithm matches your online business with the relevant payment institutions worldwide that suit your payment needs

We’ve built automated tools and systems that enable us to onboard multiple providers worldwide, and distribute your application between multiple channels in just a few clicks

Why us

Zota seamlessly enables the widest range of alternative payment solutions and local payment methods in emerging markets, through a proprietary gateway software system.
Our unique payment technology, and robust global network of trusted banks and financial institutions, help local businesses offer their customers simple solutions, providing direct settlements in local currencies – conveniently and securely.

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One simple Plug-n-PAY

Zota’s simple yet powerful SDKs support multiple coding languages, with ready-made plug-ins that enable no-code integrations for eCommerce businesses, webmasters, and developers.

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Our smart cashier page can be customized to fit any website’s design or layout, according to the business’s needs.

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The payment methods layout and routing strategy can be placed and adapted within our portal – the MetaGate – to support any possible combination of currencies, payment methods, or languages – based on location or IP parameters.

Once integrated into our system, you’ll be able to receive payments in any currency, using any payment method. No additional integration is required if you want to add a new market, solution, or method in the future; everything is covered with one simple API.

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Our focus – emerging markets

Zota’s primary focus is on innovating and perfecting the best payment solutions, with our smart
One Application: One Integration philosophy, which gives online businesses total control over their financial activities. Our software, and years of expertise within the payments industry, enable global businesses to reach a consumer base of billions, regardless of location, language, or currency.

“Helping small and big businesses alike to grow massively and achieve their goals.”

Our headquarters are located in
central Tel Aviv

with offices around the world:

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