As the world continues to embrace cashless transactions, payment gateways like Zotapay (Zota) have become a crucial component of eCommerce and payment processing for the travel industry. Payment gateways are platforms that allow businesses to accept electronic payments from customers through websites or mobile applications. These are essential for travel brands because they facilitate the seamless movement of funds between the business and the customer, providing merchant services for travel agencies through a secure transaction channel. 

You should consider several factors when choosing a payment gateway service as a travel payment solution, including security, transaction fees, payment options, ease of integration, and customer support. 

Benefits of using Zotapay’s (Zota’s) payment gateway for your travel agency or business

Zotapay (Zota) offers a range of gateway services tailored to the payment processing needs of travel industry businesses, including a fully customized cashier page. Our payment gateway – the MetaGate – is compatible with most eCommerce platforms, ensuring easy integration for our clients. 

By nature, travel businesses work with various types of partners, clients, and consumers, likely based in multiple locations and, therefore, managing funds in different currencies. Due to the dynamic nature of the travel industry, they may also need to process refunds and cancellations quickly. 

Zotapay (Zota) offers multi-currency support, operating in more than 150 countries with a vast range of alternative payment options. This allows businesses to accept payments from customers based anywhere in the world, including emerging markets, using their payment method of choice. Our borderless technology enables local and international settlements, helping businesses increase their conversion rates and expand their consumer base.

Industry-standard security features for travel merchants

Zotapay’s (Zota’s) state-of-the-art security protocols protect customer data and prevent fraud; as a Level 1 PCI Service Provider, we are fully compliant with global regulations on security and are certified under ISO/IEC 27001. We use encryption algorithms, data tokenization, stringent data lifecycles, and fraud screening to ensure that all transactions are secure. Our payment processing services for high-risk companies are designed to minimize fraud and chargebacks, ensuring they can accept payments without being penalized.

Zotapay (Zota) is an ideal payment gateway for travel agencies and businesses of any size, based anywhere in the world. We offer affordable payment processing services tailored to the unique needs of each travel industry business, in one easy-to-use platform, making it fast and simple for them to set up and start accepting payments. With our premium travel payment solutions, we can help you optimize your payment options to increase your global market reach. Contact us to learn more!