When it comes to shopping online, there are many factors that make the difference between a purchase being made and an abandoned cart. That fact alone costs global companies dearly, to the tune of many millions of dollars annually, but is wholly avoidable for online businesses who know how to make the checkout experience so smooth that carts are seldom abandoned.

So there you are, waiting in line for twenty minutes at the checkout as you prepare to pay for your weekly grocery shop. You’re already feeling impatient and a little frustrated, and just at that moment, the checkout register malfunctions, and you need to wait even longer in line until it’s fixed. At that stage, most of us won’t abandon our physical cart and leave the store. Having waited for so long already and being so invested, no one is running out of the store right now as they really want the products they have chosen. Now, let’s see how that scenario plays out when someone is shopping online; just them and the computer screen in front of them. It’s way easier to abandon a virtual cart in this situation and that’s precisely the reason why any online shopping experience must be flawless, seamless, secure, and fast. Some surveys put online cart abandonment after just one error or glitch at between 75-81%. 

Unfortunately, quality products and competitive prices on an eCommerce site don’t always translate into good sales. Checkout experiences that are less than ideal deter customers from completing their purchases and abandoning ship. However great your product and website may be for browsers, the real question is, what happens when someone ends up adding products to their cart? Don’t ignore the importance of design, UX, and technical perfection for checkout pages on your website. eCommerce checkout processes should be simple and intuitive so that customers won’t be discouraged and won’t abandon their carts during the process.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the main factors that make the difference between an amazing checkout experience and an abandoned cart

Limited click energy

It’s no secret that the majority of online shoppers believe that a positive transaction means a quick search and an even faster checkout. As such, online shoppers have only a limited amount of patience, which means they get click fatigue after a while. That’s why optimizing the funnel and flow from browsing through to final purchase and shipping options is such a vital piece of the puzzle in order to avoid abandoned carts. Numerous surveys confirm that consumers shopping online want to make their purchases with the least amount of clicks possible in order not to expend too much click energy. As it stands, around 70% of all Amazon orders, for example, are done by using one-click purchasing, and their checkout experience following that is seamless too. Always remember that customers can leave an online store in seconds, simply by closing that browser tab or shutting their laptop or smartphone.

Stay focused

Another primary reason why some online shoppers abandon their carts is due to distractions. By this, we mean unnecessary navigation steps or headers and footers that cause a potential customer to get distracted away from the task at hand – namely, completing their purchase. Isolating the checkout process and removing surrounding elements is a great way to avoid abandoned carts. Offering customers a totally localized checkout experience is the best way to ensure sales and encourage repeat purchases. That’s why so many online companies choose Zotapay (Zota) to facilitate their eCommerce payments due to our expertise when it comes to fully integrated and unified, localized checkouts.  

Choose the right payment partner

Choosing the right payment partner is crucial to ensure the speed, security, and efficiency of your business’s online transactions. To make sure your customers’ transactions are handled properly, it is crucial to choose a partner you can trust. When selecting a payment processor, make sure the company offers robust security, fair pricing, and cutting-edge technology. All of these variables will assist your business in processing your customers’ transactions in the most efficient way possible. Zotapay (Zota) is a payment gateway that allows all businesses to accept payments wherever they are. Through our cutting-edge technology, worldwide connections, and years of combined experience within the online payments industry, Zotapay’s (Zota’s) alternative payment solutions cover a wide range of markets, including emerging markets.

Why do online businesses choose Zotapay (Zota)?

At Zotapay (Zota), our business is primarily focused on perfecting payment solutions, while offering companies operating online the ability to reach billions of consumers, no matter their location, language, or currency. We help big and small companies alike reach their goals and grow. With our ‘One Application. One Integration’ philosophy, online businesses have complete control over their financial activities. Zotapay’s (Zota’s) unique software and years of experience in the payments industry enable global companies to reach emerging markets, selling products to huge segments of the population.

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