We are thrilled to announce a significant transformation happening at Zotapay – we’ve rebranded! 

Introducing Zota: a marketplace for payments

Our story

Our journey began in 2016 with the simple mission of providing reliable, safe, and high-quality payment services that would enable online businesses to accept payments from anyone, anywhere. 

Over the years, our team grew, our client base expanded, and we connected with a growing number of partners. We continued to develop our state-of-the-art technology, acquiring more and more knowledge and expertise along the way. As our company evolved and the solutions we offer our clients diversified beyond just payments, we decided that it was time to redefine our brand to more effectively tell our story. 

From Zotapay to Zota

Our new name opens us up to a world of possibilities, represented by a fully redesigned website, logo, and brand. Our long-standing slogan is Speaking your currency because our understanding of global payment languages equips us to act as a technological bridge between businesses and consumers. 

Zota: a marketplace for payments

Zota now serves as the only marketplace for payments, ensuring that consumers can make online purchases unhindered by their location, culture, currency, or language. Our new logo perfectly captures everything we do; with Zota, global payment solutions are as easy as clicking a toggle.

Our website has a totally new look and feel, designed with user-friendly navigation. You will see some significant new features, including:

  • Payment Search Engine: an innovative tool that lets you search for the specific payment methods that your business needs
  • Our regions and countries: an in-depth view of the diverse regions and countries we serve
  • Global fraud prevention: comprehensive information about the extensive security measures we provide
  • Gateway features: a detailed exploration of our robust payment gateway and how it can benefit your business
  • Integrations: an overview of our flexible integrations that can seamlessly blend with your existing systems
  • Payouts and fund disbursement: learn how we handle payouts and fund disbursements to save you the hassle 

Our new brand identity is visible across all our channels. While we may look different, we remain as committed as ever to providing top-tier payment services to our clients.

We can’t wait to share more of the new Zota with you. This change signifies our growth, readiness for the future, and commitment to offering the best payment services in the industry… in one simple click.

As always, if you’d like to hear about our services or learn more about our journey from Zotapay to Zota, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.