Payment methods

You name it, we cover it

Zota helps global businesses accept payments through a wide network of payment methods globally, including across emerging market countries.

mbile money icon

Mobile money

A simple, secure, and fast way to send money on the go, using mobile devices and mobile operators.

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QR code payments

Accept payments in seconds, using easy and safe QR codes.

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Cash payments

Allow end users to pay with cash at local convenience stores.

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Use Crypto wallets to pay for goods.

instant bank wire

Instant bank wire

Send and receive funds instantly, with advanced wiring services.

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Use different types of eWallets to make purchases.

p2c icon


Pay for goods by sending money to company accounts.

p2p icon


Pay for goods by sending money to personal collection accounts.

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Card payments

Pay with debit, credit, and prepaid cards.

atm offline icon

ATM offline

Pay for services directly from personal accounts, using local debit cards.

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ATM online

Use ATM cards to make online payments.

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Online payments

Access a wide range of local and international online payment options.