Global payment gateway

Zota’s sophisticated gateway technology – the MetaGate – enables online businesses to benefit from the broadest range of payment methods.
We offer competitive rates and multi-currency processing, empowering you to access secure and seamless international transactions.

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Connecting with global financial institutions


Offering robust technical support around the clock

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Enabling over 1000 payment methods

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Operating across
150 countries

Benefit from multi-currency processing and transfer of funds

Zota allows you to process funds in more than 50 currencies, including those in emerging markets. Our portal enables cross-border transfers between various account balances and currencies.

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Expand your business to emerging markets

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Support currency exchanges and conversions

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Receive, remit, and transfer between funds in major, minor and exotic currencies

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Disburse funds to suppliers, partners, and customers globally

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Track all daily activity

Use the Dashboard to stay up to date with your daily traffic activity and statistics. Select and filter by different dates to find exactly what you need to, with ease.

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Access reports about your account’s balances

The MetaGate supports dynamic, real-time balances in local currencies. You can see a full financial overview, and manage information about your account’s finances, via the Accounting Terminal, including the total and available balances, and pending payouts.

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Daily report

Review balance reports for daily, weekly, or monthly periods. Subscribe to any of these reports and receive them directly into your email inbox.

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View your order history with one click

Centralize all of your orders for convenient access. Open each order individually to view specific data, or sort and filter the list according to your required criteria. Generate order reports, which show the transaction information, as well as those completed during the selected date range.

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Manage your payouts all in one place

Payouts are funds that are transferred to the customer, from the client’s balance. The MetaGate allows you to perform new payouts, and conveniently track details of those previously submitted, in one management system.

Process payouts individually, using the Single Payouts Terminal form, or utilize our batch uploader to process multiple at once. The MetaGate supports API processing, as well as user-friendly, non-API processing, directly within the portal.

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Report issues and track
case progress with ease

Report missing deposits and payouts by opening a new service case within the portal. You can monitor the case’s progress via the real-time status, and communicate with our Support Team as and when you need to. Subscribe to email notifications and receive updates straight into your inbox.

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Create and manage user accounts

In addition to your own account, our portal allows you to manage additional user accounts, giving you complete control over their access and permissions.

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Process refunds in a few simple steps

Our portal enables the seamless processing of refunds and gives you easy access to all the relevant data you’ll need, including the real-time status of each refund. This feature supports both batch and individual refunds.

Search by email and check all refundable credit card transactions, including the amount that the customer has requested, and how much the transaction can be processed for. The amount can also be moderated when only partial refunds
are supported.

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Secure payment page

Our secure payment page is fully customizable and allows customers to enter payment details, and complete transactions, with peace of mind. We provide an additional layer of security throughout the checkout process, in full compliance with all relevant PCI-DSS and ISO-27001 regulations.

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