For Zotapay (Zota), working with the right global partners is an essential part of the business, especially when it comes to becoming a success story. Additionally, working with the right platforms like Salesforce that can serve requirements entirely is another vital piece of the puzzle to ensure the best product in the online payments sphere. 

One of the reasons why Salesforce chose Zotapay (Zota) as one of their success stories is due to the rapid and substantial Covid-19 response the company took in order to handle the increased volumes of transactions carried out by people working from home due to global government lockdowns. As soon as lockdowns and restrictive measures were put in place, the whole Zotapay (Zota) sprang into action, offering specialized training and advice to staff and businesses alike. Zotapay’s (Zota’s) CEO, Avner Ziv, spoke about the special relationship between Zotapay (Zota) and Salesforce in a recent interview published on the Salesforce website.

Working Smarter

Having co-founded Zotapay (Zota) back in 2015, one of Ziv’s top priorities has always been efficiency. That approach has paid off well as the Zotapay (Zota) team is roughly three times smaller than the average teams of their competitors. Despite that, the company processes an average monthly turnover of $100 million. As Ziv explained in the interview: “I wanted the right tools and processes in place from the outset. My aim is to ensure that no lead or client interaction is missed. Salesforce empowers our team to work more efficiently, with smarter processes and richer insights”, he said. 

Marketing Insights 

With some hard work and much expertise, Zotapay (Zota) has managed to drive down the cost per lead price to just $25. Bearing in mind that the average price per lead for the financial sector is $160, and Zotapay’s (Zota’s) price is even more impressive. As Ziv explained, “With Salesforce, we can segment our messages according to the companies’ vertical, see if prospects opened an email, downloaded digital content, or returned to our website, and slice and dice engagement data according to different regions and industries,” he said, adding that Zotapay’s (Zota’s) Marketing Team uses a combination of Pardot, Datorama, and Marketing Cloud to achieve visibility for all campaigns across all channels.

Social Advantage

Due to social engagement being another vital part of Zotapay’s (Zota’s) business, the company uses several marketing tools to make life easier for everyone and to streamline processes. In order to simplify the publication of content across multiple sites and multiple time zones, Zotapay (Zota) uses Social Studio and Advertising Studio from the Marketing Cloud toolset. According to Ziv, “We can publish centrally from a single calendar instead of performing individual site uploads,” he said. “We can track how many people respond positively and negatively to a post, which helps shape future campaigns.” In addition to this, the company also uses Social Studio to monitor conversations around payment trends and competitors’ activities. This helps the company’s sales team to identify potential new leads and generate more business.

You can read Avner’s full interview in the Customer Success Stories section of the Salesforce force website, or simply by clicking here

Zotapay (Zota) has been able to take our business operations to the next level by utilizing the full scope of the amazing features offered on the SalesForce platform. As well as using SalesForce for marketing, advertising, and support services, we also use their LMS system for our robust staff training program that we instituted recently. Here is some more in-depth information about how Zotapay (Zota) uses the various SalesForce features and how they benefit us.

Marketing Cloud 

       Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing platform from Salesforce that includes email marketing tools, social media marketing, mobile marketing, online advertising, and marketing automation. Marketing Cloud provides a unified view of customers so businesses can create personalized, omnichannel customer journeys. This tool makes life simpler and more organized for the Zotapay (Zota) team and helps us to achieve our marketing goals in a straightforward and streamlined way.

Advertising Studio 

Advertising Studio helps businesses to engage with their customers and prospects. It includes three applications: Advertising  Audience, Journey Builder Advertising, and Lead Capture. One can use Advertising Studio to coordinate campaigns with social, mobile, sales, and customer service efforts. Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio helps to enhance email marketing goals with advertising. Companies can also use Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Audience Studio, or Social Studio to engage with existing customers. There’s also the option to find new prospects with lookalikes and re-engage inactive users within the customer journey across digital advertising. Advertising Studio is another vital tool in Zotapay’s (Zota’s) arsenal. 

Social Studio 

Social Studio is a one-stop solution to manage, schedule, create, and monitor posts. It offers Zotapay (Zota) the option to organize posts by brand, region, or multiple teams and individuals in a unified interface. Social Studio provides a powerful real-time publishing and engagement platform for content marketers. For Zotapay (Zota), the Social Studio offers a simple to use a single interface for fully customizable team-based collaborations. We can also analyze current trends and recommend new content ideas that we wish to use.


Pardot is a B2B marketing automation and lead generation tool created by Salesforce. Pardot can be used to route leads towards sales, develop and track automated marketing campaigns, analyze prospect activity and engagement, and guide prospects through the buying journey. Pardot enables us to be more efficient and productive by automating repetitive marketing tasks in order to save time. Pardot also helps businesses to generate and nurture leads and to measure marketing ROI.

Service Cloud 

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform intended primarily to provide customer service and support. Salesforce’s Service Cloud is based on its Sales Cloud product, a popular CRM software for sales professionals. Service Cloud enables companies like Zotapay to automate service processes, streamline workflows and find key articles, topics, and experts to support customer service agents. The Service Cloud’s purpose is to foster one-to-one marketing relationships with every customer across multiple channels and devices. Service Cloud can “listen” and respond to customers across a variety of social platforms and automatically route cases to the appropriate agent. 


MyTrailhead is a SalesForce feature that helps businesses to create and deliver customized learning modules to help staff members to learn, evolve, and improve their skills – whether from the office or when working from home. My Trailhead allows us to rapidly deliver digital learning to remote teams no matter where they’re located. My Trailhead helps businesses to empower employees to learn with an on-demand gamified platform customized with the Zotapay brand. 

Due to the recent challenges of the Corona Virus pandemic, Zotapay has set up a new onboarding process for employees virtually, including online interviews, the assessment process, and agreements. This led us to explore further LMS (Learning Management System) platforms, and the best for us as heavy SalesForce users was clearly My Trailhead. The entire company’s knowledge base, learning materials, manuals, and product guides were uploaded into modules that are assembled neatly into learning paths. This makes training for new employees customizable, unified, engaging, motivating, and rewarding. New employees are rewarded with points, badges, and certifications that empower them to learn with a unified platform customized to our brand and unique content.


Zotapay (Zota) benefits significantly from using Datorama. Datorama is the only marketing intelligence platform that companies like us need to connect all of our data, uncover deep marketing insights, and better understand campaign performance. Now, customers can create, distribute, and access powerful marketing analytics apps with speed and ease. By simplifying how marketers can discover and implement new marketing solutions, the Datorama Marketplace gives customers the ability to expand into new data sources, areas of measurement, reporting, and insights.

Sales Cloud

Salesforce’s Sales Cloud is an on-demand CRM platform offering applications for small, midsize, and enterprise organizations, with a focus on sales and customer relationships and is a vital tool used across Zotapay’s (Zota’s) operations. Sales Cloud has CRM capabilities that include lead management, marketing automation, and contact management. These applications help organizations to manage customer accounts, track sales leads, conduct and monitor marketing campaigns, and provide service post-sale. The Sales Cloud gives us a bird’s eye view of customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions. We also gain some great insights from popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, all within the Salesforce platform.

LMS Training  

The role of a Learning Management System varies depending on the organization’s objectives, online training strategy, and desired outcomes. At Zotapay (Zota), we use the LMS for staff training purposes and for tracking employees’ progress. The most common use of LMS is to deploy and track online training initiatives. Typically, assets are uploaded to the Learning Management System, making them easily accessible for remote learners. In some cases, the LMS may even have built-in eLearning authoring tools that allow you to develop online training materials without additional third-party software.


CPQ benefits our business and helps us to overcome common sales hurdles. If reps use legacy quote configurators, are manually reviewing quotes, or seem to have a habit of sending inaccurate quotes to prospects, CPQ software could be the ideal solution as it is for Zotapay (Zota). CPQ stands for configure, price, quote. It’s an extension of your customer relationship management platform (CRM) as it makes the sales process easier, faster, and more organized. CPQ takes the most important parts of the sales cycle out of spreadsheets and puts them into an automated sales tool that delivers error-free quotes. It helps sales reps sell the right product combinations, controls discounting, and automates approvals.

SalesForce’s Unlimited Edition

Zotapay (Zota) recently upgraded to SalesForce’s Unlimited Edition, enabling premium support services and various features. The Unlimited edition has all the extensive capabilities for process automation (workflow rules and approvals), customization with Apex code, and integration via APIs available in the Enterprise edition. What makes the edition stand out is the access to Salesforce support and training services, including:

  • 24/7 Toll-Free Support Within One Hour Response Time;
  • Access To Premier Success Resources (A Knowledge Base, Interactive Webinars);
  • Access To Configuration Services Performed By A Dedicated Salesforce Admin;
  • Access To One-On-One Coaching Sessions With A Salesforce Expert;
  • Developer Support.

Zotapay’s (Zota’s) Interview With Datorama

 Salesforce recently signed an agreement to acquire Israeli company Datorama. Datorama is a leading global marketing intelligence company and platform used by the world’s leading brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms. Zotapay’s (Zota’s) CEO, Avner Ziv, spoke at length with the Datorama team about a range of interesting subjects relating to the online payment industry. Zotapay benefits from the amazing range of services offered by Datorama, which helps the company work more efficiently and streamline operations.

During the interview with Datorama, Ziv outlined how Zotapay (Zota) benefits from Datorama’s range of services. “Datorma helps us to see all our activities on social networks, conveniently in one place,” said Ziv. “At the same time, their marketing analytics feature saves a lot of time and streamlines work and calculations. Thanks to Datorma, we have one place where we can see all our activities and a snapshot of activity in the most accurate way.”

Datorama also enables Zotapay (Zota) to view campaign activity in one place, including names, CPL, and creatives. The company is also able to measure and optimize campaigns, thanks to this. We also use a competitor’s dashboard to track and monitor what our competitors in the market do in terms of social media and in order to learn from them.

Reasons Why Payment Providers And Global Companies Choose Zotapay (Zota):

  • Rapid Onboarding Of New Payment Providers;
  • Matching businesses With The Right Solutions;
  • Delivering Significant Results With A Small, Dedicated Team;
  • Driving Down Costs Per Lead With Unique Marketing Insights;
  • Utilizing The Social Media Advantage;
  • Enabling Chatbots To Offer Faster Response Times;
  • Adapting Rapidly To Changes In The Market.